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Unleash the potential of your blockchain project

From tech to marketing, visuals, communication, community management, we support you in every step of your project – from first idea to prototype to billion in market cap.

What we Do

Full-service support

We want your project to go to the moon. We don´t offer off the pole solutions, but tailor-made services:


You are a marketing-driven team but lack technical resources to build the product? We take up, from software architecture counselling, to aligning a team, up to building your complete dApp, minting site or marketplace


You are a tech-team and need world-class marketing and communication for your project to shine? We offer marketing and communication concepts, but can also run your complete channels


You already have your team, but need a sparring-partner for a pivot/ campaign? We´re happy to contribute


You want to build the product by yourself but need some guidance? We help concretizing your idea and bringing it into detailled specification sheets. We provide advice about architecture and available (open source) libraries.

You are non-technical founders who already outsourced your development? We help structuring the process in order for you to avoid burning cash on projects that don´t progress.


We love Javascript and have an inhouse fullstack-web-dev team that can take care of the frontend- and backend-part of your product. We work closely together with two partner-agencies for solidity-development.



Any blockchain project, be it DeFi, NFTs or gaming, thrives or dies with community. We provide communication concepts for every social media channel and offer to completely run them for you, including Discord moderation. We bring your community to grow and flower.


Why work with us?

We breathe crypto. We´ve been in the space as blockchain-enthusiasts since 2017. We follow the DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse/ blockchain gaming closely and help you with all our experience about success-patterns. So why go to any marketing agency next corner who doesn´t know what Discord is?



Startup-mentality and empowerment

(Almost) every blockchain project is a startup. The space is evolving at a mindblowing pace. We know this requires an agile mindset: We don´t setup overblown waterfall-projects but want you to save time and budget. We always prefer the minimum-viable product version to start with, and transfer knowledge to your team instead of keeping it to ourselves.

Have a custom project?

We´re delighted to learn more about it. Let´s hop on Zoom

Technical business angel

If you´re a very early stage project, we might think about investing as technical business angel, providing services for equity. Send us a pitchdeck as first intro if interested.

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